Tapered Roller Bearing 28580 - NTN



Nationwide Trailers Parts offers premium NTN tapered roller bearings and races. NTN tapered roller bearings and races feature case-carburized components. Cups, cones and rollers are made from case-hardened alloy steel of “Bearing Quality” to provide superior fatigue life and reliability. Precise control of heat treatment, dimensions and surface finish of the components further contribute to reliable bearing and race performance. NTN tapered roller bearings and races are high quality and ultra reliable.

Replacement inner bearing for 10,000 lb. AL-KO general duty axles and 10,000 lb. Quality Running Gear axles with #99 spindles. Used as inner bearing for AL-KO 568353, 568270 and Quality Running Gear 99865-1PA, 99865-1P475A  hubs. Designed for high-speed use.

  • Industry Standard Part Number: 28580
  • Inner Diameter: 2″
  • Matching Race (Sold Separately): 28521
  • 10K QRG