Hub 9K 10K GD Dexter


Vendor: Dexter


This hub was introduced in May of 2013 to supersede Dexter one-piece hub and drum part numbers 008-415-02 and 008-415-04. Axles built by Dexter after July 2009 had a closer bearing spacing and Dexter went to a one-piece hub & drum combination that was not compatible with the previous design. In May of 2013, Dexter discontinued that one-piece hub & drum combination and went to a two-piece design with the same, newer bearing spacing.

The one-piece hub and drum part numbers are no longer available, so they must be replaced with this 008-430-03 hub and the 009-123-03 drum.

  • Fits axles built after July 2009
  • Wheel Stud Size: 5/8"-18
  • No of Wheel Studs: 8
  • Wheel Stud Bolt Circle: 6.50"
  • Includes races and studs pressed in.
  • For use with (not included) 387A - inner bearing, 25580 - outer bearing, 220-10511 - oil seal and 220-7174 - hub cap.

Manufacturer: Dexter Axle

Dexter Part Number: 008-430-03