Dexter Equalizer for 3" Wide Slipper Springs 24-3/4"


Vendor: Dexter Axle


  • Slipper Springs - 3 Inch
  • 24-3/4 Inch Long
  • Tandem Axle
  • Dexter Axle

Equalizer attaches to the middle hanger of you suspension system and connects slipper springs on your tandem or triple-axle trailer. Fits 3" wide springs with 1" diameter eye.

Connects slipper springs on dual- or triple-axle trailers

Slip arched end of front spring into equalizer so that it rests on keeper bolt (sold separately)

Attach rear-most spring with shackle bolt (sold separately) through the eye

Suspends from center hanger (sold separately)

Transfers load and sudden impacts from one axle to another by permitting movement between the axles Distributes weight evenly

Results in smooth ride for trailer

Rubber bushing are pressed into center holes allowing less noise and vibration into suspension

Strong steel construction ensures durability


  • Fits: tandem- or triple-axle trailer with 3" wide slipper springs