Solar Battery Charger



The PulseTech® SP-3 SolarPulse® 3-Watt Solar Charger restores and maintains the normal loss of 12V lead-acid battery power on seldom used outdoor vehicles and equipment. SolarPulse's higher efficiency, higher quality crystalline silicon cells pack more power per square inch and have longer life than standard amorphous "thin film" solar cells for a sturdier smaller sized solar panel. Plastic coated panels are virtually indestructible and impervious to weather and age.

The SP-3 charging system provides a full 3-Watts of power in a small durable size (4.7''L x 9.45''W x 0.25''H). For ultimate performance, it should be used on a single 12V lead-acid battery to replace the power loss from electrical accessories that occurs even when the ignition is switched off and to reverse naturally occurring sulfation buildup on the battery plates.