Caliper Rebuild Kit for 6,000-lb to 8,000-lb Dexter Disc Brakes, K71-670-00


type: Brakes
Vendor: Dexter Axle


This repair kit comes with everything you need to replace damaged or worn parts on your existing caliper. Includes 4 piston seals, 4 boots, 1 bleeder screw, and 1 hydraulic 3/16" inverted adapter.


  • Repair kit lets you fix the caliper on your 6,000-lb, 7,000-lb, or 8,000-lb disc brake assembly
  • Piston seals ensure brake fluid doesn't leak out of the caliper
  • Dust boots guard against debris and contamination
  • Bleeder screw allows for removal of oxygen from caliper and prevents fluid leakage
  • Hydraulic 3/16" inverted adapter connects caliper to brake line
  • Made in the USA

K71-670-00 Dexter Axle Disc Brake Caliper Rebuild Repair Kit for 6,000-lb to 8,000-lb Dexter Disc Brakes