Trailer Tires and Wheels

To haul cargo safely, you need to keep every part of your trailer in top condition — including the wheels and tires. Unlike passenger vehicles, trailers have support very heavy loads and cross difficult terrain. That's why trailer wheels and tires must meet different requirements than products made for other vehicles. In addition to fitting your trailer, the tires and wheels you choose also need to provide the right load rating and sidewall strength.

Whether you plan to take your trailer on the highway or use it to haul cargo over short distances, Nationwide Trailers can give you the wheels, tires and related accessories you need to keep things rolling. In our large inventory, you will find small trailer tires and rims, spare tire mounts and much more, all available for shipping straight to your location.

A Wide Selection of Trailer Tires and Wheels

All wheels and tires will eventually need replacement, although some options last longer than others. If the tread on your tires is wearing thin or the wheels of your trailer have started to crack or bend, it's time to start thinking about your replacement options. At Nationwide Trailers, we know the impact wheels and tires can have on a trailer's reliability and performance. That's why we offer a carefully curated selection of products to meet your needs.

We offer trailer tires and wheels of various sizes and load ratings, so you can find an option suited to your specific trailer and application. Our wheels range in diameter from 15 to 16 inches, and our tires fit wheels between 15 and 17.5 inches. Our largest trailer tire has a maximum load capacity of 4,805 pounds at 123 pounds per square inch, so you can easily select an option capable of supporting heavy cargo.

Hardware and Accessories

In addition to the best travel trailer tires and wheels, we offer a range of trailer wheel hardware and accessories. That means you can order everything you need in one convenient location. Some of the additional products you will find in our inventory include:

  • Dual wheel simulators
  • Lug nuts in a range of sizes
  • Single wheel fenders
  • Spare tire hoists
  • Spare tire holders
  • Spare tire mounts
  • Spare tire hold down plates
  • Mudflaps to fit PJ Trailers

To help you monitor the condition of your trailer tires, we also offer the Cat's Eye Tire Pressure Maintenance System, which will help you watch for concerning drops in tire pressure.

Buy Trailer Tires Online From Nationwide Trailers

At Nationwide Trailers, we make it easy to get the trailer tires and wheels you need to keep your trailer on the road. If you're not sure which product will best meet your application's requirements, our product experts can help you compare the options and make a confident decision.

To get started, simply add the products you need to your cart and create an account to check out. If you have any questions during the shopping process, you can also reach out to us for more information.

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