Cam2 Ultra 580 Ep #2 Grease -14 Oz

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CAM2 ULTRA580 EP is a premium performance multi-purpose grease formulated with advanced calcium sulfonate thickener technology. ULTRA580 EP is manufactured with a vigorous extreme pressure additive system to meet the demanding lubrication requirements set by todays OEM standards. Unlike conventional soap thickened grease (i.e. lithium, aluminum, calcium soaps) ULTRA580 EP provides outstanding corrosion protection and water resistance through its inherent chemical characteristics. This unique formula combines the synthetic soap with High VI petroleum oil to enhance oxidation resistance for long life and reducing equipment downtime. The ULTRA580 EPmeets the requirements of NLGI GC/LB for automotive wheel bearings and chassis lubrication. • Wide Temperature Range • Shear Stable Outstanding • Rust and Corrosion Protection • Oxidation Resistant • Excellent Water Resistance