Do you rely on winches to load and unload freight or tow vehicles? When it’s time to replace a winch or add another to your fleet, you need a product you can trust to get the job done.

At Nationwide Trailers, we recognize the crucial role winches play in your day-to-day operations. We’re your one-stop headquarters for an extensive winch selection at competitive prices. W also offer a customer-focused business approach that enables you to buy from us with complete confidence.

How to Choose the Best Winch for Your Needs

Winch lifting capabilities vary widely. It’s important to select a product that delivers sufficient power for your vehicle and applications. 

An easy way to determine the right winch is to multiply your truck’s gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) by one and a half. For instance, if your vehicle’s GVWR is 10,000 pounds, choose a winch with a minimum load capacity of 15,000 pounds.

Other buying factors to consider include:

  • Drivetrain: Available winch drivetrain types include spur, worm and planetary gear. A spur gear offers the fastest line speed but provides less stability.
  • Motor: An electric winch can have either a permanent magnet or a series-wound motor. The latter may require vehicle modifications to ensure long-lasting performance.
  • Drum: The drum is the source of a winch’s pulling power rating. Drums with larger working diameters have lower ratings.
  • Cable or rope: A winch cable is more durable than synthetic rope. However, cables are heavier and more difficult to handle. They are also susceptible to rust. 
  • Remote control: Most modern winches come with a remote control feature, allowing you to operate them from a safe distance.

About Our Trailer Winch Inventory

Nationwide Trailers offers a broad selection of winch attachments for trailers from Superwinch and Warn Winch, the two major players in the market. Examples from our product inventory include:

  • Talon 18.0: This winch offers a robust 18,000-pound load capacity and a sealed 6-horsepower series-wound motor. The 15-foot hand-held remote comes with a coiled cord that can retract to 4 feet. The drivetrain features a combination two-stage spur and two-stage planetary gearing.
  • VR EVO 12K: This Warn Winch includes a powerful series-wound motor and efficient planetary gear drivetrain for a fast line speed of 4 feet per minute when lifting a 12,000-pound load. The one-piece cast-aluminum tie plate adds strength and durability. Ideal product applications include vehicle towing and recovery.

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At Nationwide Trailers, we strive to offer the best winch attachments for trailers and other high-quality equipment from leading manufacturers. We meet the needs of contractors, farmers, logistics operations, towing companies and other businesses that require products that stand the test of time.

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