12K Dexter Axle Disc Brakes 74"x46"


type: Unknown Type
Vendor: Dexter Axle


Complete Dexter 12,000 lb Heavy Duty Hydraulic Disc braking trailer axle assembly.
Includes the calipers, rotors, hubs, bearings, flanged lug nuts, all pre-mounted
This is a straight axle with springs seats underneath the axle.
Weight rating: 12,000 lb. capacity
Axle Manufacturer: Dexter Axle
Hub Face to Hub face: 74"
Spring Center to Spring Center: 46"
Bolt Pattern: 8 lug on 6.5"
Wheel Stud Size: 5/8"
Drum Pilot Size: 4.75"
Brake Type: Hydraulic Disc
Lubrication: Oil Bath

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Spindle Size:
Heavy duty spindle

Hub / Rotor:
8-214-10 (2 piece) high profile hub with 5/8" studs.
70-006-01 Brake Rotor
89-002-2 10k / 12k Brake Caliper

Inside components:
Inner: 3984
Outer: 28622

Inner: 3920
Outer: 28682